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Leadership Development Team

The Leadership Development Team (LDT) is committed to assisting Sinnissippi churches with equipping both existing and new church leaders. This is accomplished through training seminars, funding church training events, and connecting churches and leaders to IBSA events that inspire and instruct leaders. Leadership Development also believes that reaching out to the pastors of our Association is a critical ministry of our team.


Currently, the LDT is focusing on these areas:


  • Assisting Sinnissippi's Churches with Leadership and Leadership Development Needs

  • Working with the other three ministry teams to carry out and enhance the very strong and strategic vision Sinnissippi has for Northwest Illinois

  • Coaching and Motivating Church Leaders to have competency, character, and conviction.

  • Serving and Encouraging the Association's Pastors


If the LDT can serve a need at your church, please don't hesitate to contact me; we'd be thrilled to partner with you.  If you would like to apply for ministry assistance for your church's leadership deveiopment needs fill out a Ministry Assistance Application and return it as soon as possible!



Are you interested in being a part of SBA's Leadership Development Team? 

Contact our AMS, Chris Nolin for more information and current opportunities.

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