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Who Are Southern Baptists?


For over 165 years Southern Baptists have been a part of the fabric of American culture, and they are as varied and diverse as the cities and towns where you find them. While each autonomous Southern Baptist Church is unique, and focused on the needs of the community it serves, because it is connected with over 50,000 partner churches throughout North America, the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention make a huge impact…


  • People with a strong missionary focus!


With over 10,000 missionaries serving in every corner of the globe Southern Baptist’s are living out God’s command to take the message of Jesus’ love to the ends of the earth. There are nearly 500,000 Southern Baptist related churches worldwide and that number grows everyday. Each church exists to demonstrate the love of God in tangible ways to the communities they serve.


  • People who care for those who are hurting!


Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams respond to fires, ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding across the United States. As one of the three largest relief organizations in America, Southern Baptists have nearly 1,600 mobile disaster response units manned by more than 100,000 trained volunteers ready to help whenever a need arises.


  • Ordinary people who worship our extraordinary God!


Some churches are very small, others very large. Some are traditional, some contemporary, and some something in between. They include Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and every other ethnic group. They are a united people because they have experienced the love of God, and the hope that only He provides! While no two Southern Baptist churches are exactly the same, they represent the unchanging message of the Bible to a world that is constantly in unrest. Southern Baptist’s believe that the Word of God (the Bible) is the final authority for all humankind and they strive to live it out in their daily lives. Are they perfect? No. They just try to be what God desires of them.


Who are Southern Baptists? They are your neighbors and your co-workers, people just like you who have found the real meaning in life in the person of Jesus Christ.

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